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Hello There!

      Thank you for visiting The Lost Traveler, your private vacation home rentals in San Vicente, Palawan. There are a couple of reasons that brought you here. First, you are one of those  travel couples  in need of some adventures in life off the beaten path. a place that is private, secluded and far away from everybody. Second,  you are a family who are seeking for a family friendly getaway  to relax  with your loved ones, to build  memories with them at the same time enjoying  the nature around you. Third, you are a traveler looking for a quiet place where you can have a solitary moment to recuperate from the busyness of life. And last, you are  honeymooners  seeking for a cheap romantic  getaway for you and your new spouse to enjoy without anyone to disturb.

​     Well, we are just the right place you're looking for! We are located off the beaten path, in the middle of nowhere and far enough away from the noisy crowds of tourists to forget they exist. No restaurants, no bars, no grocery stores, no malls.  Discover and experience what it is like to live in this part of the island known only by the locals, where fishing is the norm.  Our place is run by generators for electricity. Hot water is through solar heater. If the sun is weak, then expect for a much cooler, fresher bath. 

     We only accept one booking at a time.  You may book our entire place using both homes for your entire group, or just one cottage depending on the number of people staying.  either way, the entire place will be yours and no other guests around. Our caretakers in house will take care of everything you need.

    The couples beach hut, the family beach house and the kitchens  are constructed to modern first world standards but represent the tropics in design with a little bit of rustic and vintage feel. our cook will prepare  filipino home style cooking,  if you choose to hire their service for your convenience. Let us know ahead of time for anyone with special diets.  Use our boat if you like, swim, explore other islands, or maybe fish for your next dinner at the beach. Our caretakers are there to help with everything you need.

       When we first stepped onto this pristine paradise, we fell in love with it right away. We have enjoyed it very much, but it's time  to share this paradise  with you. We  are located in a large cove with just one neighbor, so it is still private and secluded here. Take advantage of it now before tourists flock their way here. The cove is part of mainland northwest side of Palawan, facing the south china sea. Hidden between two fishing villages, it is accessible only by a 5 minute boat ride after the road ends. 

     Aside from the one local neighbor in the cove,  you will be surrounded by nature, and perhaps encounter a few fishing boats and a few locals passing by along the shore walking to the next village.

     There's more to discover  in and around the cove. We have  monitor lizards, monkeys, squirrels, birds, eagles,  bats and different species of moths and many others. don't forget to bring your insect repellants, and allergy medicines if you are prone to environmental allergies. Snorkeling  in the coral reef just in front of our beach, a stone's throw away. we have 3 spots to see clown fish,  lion fish, angel fish, cuttle fish, stonefish, zebra fish,  and many others. Do watch the ocean daily from your deck, you might spot  a few dolphins passing by. 

    The island of Palawan is rich with natural beauty, filled with lush ocean life, virgin mountains, pristine beaches, hidden lagoons, and unique wildlife.  It is known by many travelers and has become a favorite destination.  It is home to two unesco World Heritage sites, The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and the Tubbataha Reefs National Park. The Philippines' last frontier has been voted as the Best Island Of The World for three consecutive years.  Our own little paradise is just a sliver of pure beauty this island has to offer.

      Enjoy your stay!


     Blair and Charity

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