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  • How to get here?
    From Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to Puerto Princesa International Airport, El Nido Airport, San Vicente Airport is a one hour domestic flight. From the airport, you will be picked up by our van driver. We organise this for you since our place is off the beaten path, off any path for that matter, and unknown to any of the drivers who have not previously been there. Additionally, our driver has become a friend to us over the years and we trust him. Our place is a 4.5 hour drive from Puerto Princesa on the national road, 2.5 hr from El Nido, and 1.5 hr from San Vicente Airport. The sights are surreal and gorgeous, make sure your camera is ready to snap some photos along the way. On your check in day, we suggest you take an early flight from Manila to Palawan to give extra time for quick shopping and getting around the city before heading out to the cove. On your check out we suggest taking a late flight out, given that your itinerary includes the ride back to the airport that day. If you plan to go to some other places on the island, you can let us know if we need to arrange a van for you. Here are the prices (one way rate only) our driver quoted us for common trips to and from our place. Some other drivers may ask slightly less or more. Destination Van Charge Travel Time (in hours) * Puerto Princesa P10,000 4.5 * Roxas P6,000 2 * San Vicente P7,000 2.5 * Port Barton P8,000 3.5 * Taytay P6,000 2 * El Nido P8,000 3.5 * El Nido- Puerto Princesa P8,500 6 * Underground Cave P12,000 6.5 * Please Note * All prices are paid in pesos only, payable at your drop off point to the driver himself. Prices may change without prior notice. * Flights to San Vicente is serviced only by PAL (Philippine Airlines) via Clark International Airport. * AirSwift servicing domestic flights to El Nido and Coron, while PAL, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia servicing daily flights to Puerto Princesa. * The nearest airport to our cottage are the ElNido and San Vicente Airports which is a 2-1/2 hour travel time. * All flight information on your arrival date should be emailed to us at least 15 days prior to arrival in order for us to arrange your van for airport pick up. Remember, we use our own safe handpicked driver who knows our location, the other drivers do not.
  • What's included in your nightly rate?
    Our pricing varies between the two beach cottages and depending on the season: 1. ROMANTIC BEACH FRONT COTTAGE Base Price is for two persons, maximum of 2 guests only Price Package includes: + Bathroom Essentials + Linens and towels + Daily Housekeeping + Globe pocket wifi w/ a 200 peso load Price package does not include: < Transportation < Meals 2. FAMILY BEACH FRONT COTTAGE Base Price is for up to 4 guests, maximum of 5 people Price package includes: + Bathroom Essentials + Linens and towels + Daily Housekeeping + *Globe pocket Wifi Price package does not include: < Meals < Transportation + We charge a cleaning fee which will be added in your total accomodation at booking time. + Kids are counted in the maximum guests of 5 (Family Beach Front Cottage) + All (3) Meals are served with an additional fee of P1,300/person/night due at arrival and P800/child age 7-10 + All meals are prepared by our staff in authentic Filipino home cooking. Filipino dish consists of seafoods, chicken, pork, vegetables, spices and rice, cooked in fresh coconut milk and soy sauce. Please let us know ahead of time if you have special food diet preferred during your stay. + An extra fee for gas & Diesel of P1,000/night due at arrival.
  • What are other services you offer on site?
    ADDITIONAL SERVICES WE OFFER, payable on site : * BEACH COVE HOPPING / SNORKELING/FISHING for P2,500/2 persons payable on site. Our beach cove hopping is a trip to Emergency Beach cove, where you can swim, fish, snorkel and have a bar-b-que meal prepared by our staff right at the beach. This trip will last from 3 hrs up to 6 hrs. Availability depends upon weather conditions and availability of boat rentals. * CATERING SERVICE Our staff will offer to cook Filipino homestyle meals which consists of fish and other seafood such as squid, crabs, shrimp, meats such as pork, chicken and some beef, vegetables with lots of onions and garlic, eggs, some bread, fruits, coffee and rice for your entire stay or part of your stay. Please let us know ahead of time of any special diet/ food allergies( gluten free, lactose intolerance, vegetarians, nut free, etc) you may have, so we can let our cook know. We use freshly grated coconut milk as a substitute for anyone with lactose intolerance which is plenty and freshly grated for you. * LAUNDRY SERVICE for $10/load * TRANSPORTATION SERVICE Please note that this is not part of our business. We only offer to arrange this for you ahead of time for ease and convenience. Please feel free to arrange your own transfers to and from our property. There is no available parking nearby the property and GPS to get to our place is hard to locate. If you plan to arrange your own transport, please make sure to give us your driver's contact number (local phone number) at least a day before check in for detailed instructions to get here. * Price varies from each destination; payable at drop off location to the driver himself. Below are the prices ( ONE WAY RATE ) quoted by the driver himself. Prices shown are a ONE WAY rates only to and from our place. * Puerto Princesa - P10,000 * San Vicente - P7,000 * Port Barton - P8,000 * El Nido - P8,000 * Roxas - P6,000 *Taytay - P6,000 * El Nido- Puerto - Php 8,500 * Sabang- P12,000 We only accept cash (Php, USD, EUR) * All other amenities in the property are for our guests to use as part of their accommodation. * No Banks/ATM's nearby, so please bring enough cash with you before you head out. * No grocery stores nearby, so make sure you buy all the things you wanted to bring. * Since electricity is only 12 hrs per day, we advise our guests to not bring any dairy items or anything that will potentially spoil without a continous refrigeration. Additional charge of $3/hr should you request for additional time of electricity.
  • How does check-in and check-out work?
    Check-in begins at 3 pm up to 9 pm; check-out is at 11 am. Arriving slightly earlier, or checking out a little bit later maybe possible, but our ability to accomodate your request will depend on our booking calendar. To arrange an earlier check in or later check out time, please make arrangements with us 48 hrs in advance. If you plan to stay in Puerto for a while, the latest time that you should leave the city should be around 2 pm in order to get to our place before dark and allow for the van driver to get back to the city. Our caretakers will have everything cleaned and ready for your arrival.
  • Are there any ATM's available nearby?
    Puerto Princesa has ATM's available outside the banks and inside the malls. Credit cards are accepted by most bigger establishments. It is always a good idea to have cash on hand for easier transactions. As soon as you leave the city, ATM's are non existent and credit cards are not usually accepted. Make sure you have enough cash in small increments such as 100php bills and less when you leave Puerto Princesa, or you will have difficulty making change with the locals for the fresh fish you will be offered, buying fresh warm pan de sal (breakfast rolls), or coke from the local village.
  • Are children allowed?
    Children are allowed at your own risk. The Lost Traveler is situated on a hill with an overlook balconies and steep stairs that can be dangerous for curious children. All buildings are not child proof, and no available amenities that caters for little children such as cribs, bed railings and seat boosters. We advise parents to keep your little ones from climbing on all railings, open windows, and open gates. Kids must be attended at all times especially when going up and down the steps and to make sure they don't wander away by themselves. Sitting on top of the railings are not permitted. Move away anything such as chairs and small tables by the windows and railings that can be used as a booster for a child to climb on. The steepest point from the deck down is higher than 20 feet. We aren't held accountable for any injuries and/or deaths caused by accidental falls. On the day you arrive, orient your children of all areas that are dangerous.
  • Are pets allowed?
    We don't allow pets. If you see animals around the area, they are not pets and should not be brought in our homes at any time. Our staff owned a few guard dogs. Future guests may have severe pet allergies that can endanger them. The nearest hospital is about 2 hours away. Even then, we can't assure proper care for severe allergy attacks. We advise our guests to please bring all your prescribed medications for allergies, over the counter allergy medicines are also available at all drug stores in Puerto Princesa. There are no drug stores close by our place, so a basic first aid kit is also a good idea in case of minor injuries. We recommend you bringing other medicines to treat infections such as eye, ear and skin infections. Tylenol and ibuprofen for both adults and kids for minor fevers and aches.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking in the homes is STRICTLY prohibited at anytime, anywhere during your stay. Our cottages are made of native materials that could catch fire easily,especially during the dry season. If your vacation will not be enjoyable without smoking, please consider going elsewhere. Vacations should be fun, and we want anybody who stays at our place to have an enjoyable time, but you are agreeing to a smoke free place if you decide to stay with us. PLEASE NOTE: if a guest caught smoking during your stay, you will immediately be removed plus a fine of $500 USD. Smoking should be done at the beach away from the property. Grilling and camp fires will be done at the beach only, and will always with no exceptions be performed by our caretakers. Thank you for your compliance.
  • Are linens and towels included?
    All linens and towels are provided. If beddings and towels must be changed sooner, please let our staff know. Please don't use our towels as rugs. Wood floors are real hardwood which extracts red stains that can ruin towels and will be considered damaged. We will charge an extra fee for ruined towels. Thank you for your consideration.
  • You mentioned the property is off the grid and is run by generators. Does this mean electricity is limited?
    The entire property is run by generators. Our generator house is located far enough to minimize the noise. Electricity will run a couple of hours at breakfast, then at 5 pm to 6 am the next morning. If you wish to run more extra hours of electricity during the day, a $3 electricity fee will be charge payable on site. Make sure to minimize your fridge use when electricity is off to keep your perishables from spoiling. You may use our large cooler if you need them for cold drinks. Using hairdyer is not allowed as our off grid electrical system cannot handle the sudden change in voltage, it can damage our other appliances. The same reason why we do not have toasters, microwaves and automatic clothes dryer in our property. All electronic gadgets must have a 220 Voltage power.
  • Is there running water available 24 hours?
    Our property has four 2000L water tanks for all your water needs. In the dry season, although water has sometimes been slow it has only once run dry in 3 years. We will try to keep the water tank full as much as we can to have it available for our guests. Please use it thoughtfully, recognizing one of the realities of living off the grid in the middle of nowhere off the grid in the middle of nowhere. When we are there we use the water for both drinking and cooking; so far none of us including our kids, have ever been sick from water contamination. If you're in doubt, please include in your grocery list a couple of gallons of distilled water before heading out. Hot showers are available by solar heater but we can't assure of full provision for a large family.
  • How big is the property and are there any neighbors nearby?
    Our property is over 2 acres with a 60 meter beach front. The entire cove has a 600 meter beach length without any other neighbors living (at least for now). Eventhough we don't have neighbors nearby the cove, events that are associated with loud partying is still prohibited on our property as sound can still be heard all the way to next door village especially during the night . Wholesome family get together is acceptable. Absolutely no visitors allowed during your entire stay. There are a few locals passing by every now and then to get to the next village and sometimes fishermen fish near the area in the morning or afternoon. Other than that, it is mostly quiet and calm all day.
  • We understand this is the tropics. How can we prepare ourselves for bugs and insects?
    Our property is situated in a semi forested area in the wild. While it has been our experience that mosquito nets alone without repellant at night work just fine, creatures of various sorts and insects still exist. Shake out and examine your towels, sandals, or clothes, just in case. We have found it surprisingly rare to see a snake, but are sure you could manage should you decide to go running off through the underbrush at night. Remember to include insect repellants, anti-itch cream, or benadryl in your pack. We have found this to be helpful at the beach where sand flies can bite unawares. Proper clothing should be worn when hiking. Mosquitos come out at dusk, we have found a quick bug spray into the air usually is enough without having to apply repellant. During the rainy season, bugs are more prevalent especially at night, so we advise our guests to use less lights as much as possible, if not turn everything except the fans off, to prevent them from entering the house. No cases of severe jelly stings ever happened during each of our vacation time in the last four years. Only minor stings which usually goes away by rinsing off your body with warm water. If your kids complain of stings while swimming, let them get out of the water right away and rinse off.
  • What activities can we do at your place?
    Fun activities that you can do includes hiking, snorkeling (it's best to bring your own gear), fishing, paddle boating, beach cove hopping, and swimming to your hearts content. Don't forget to arrange with our caretaker at least one night of grilling and dinner at the beach. Grilling a fresh catch (your own catch or from fishermen that stop by) is a fun thing to do on one of your special dinners at the beach. We can also arrange a day trip to Elnido for island hopping tours. Please refer to one of our staffs for prices and fees and guided tours.
  • Are there grocery stores/restaurants/bars near the cove?
    There are no grocery stores near the cove, but only little fishing village "stores" which sell items such as single use shampoo and coke; it is very limited. We advise our guests to do their shopping in Puerto Princesa or Elnido town the day they plan to come out here. There are a good number of shopping places around the city. One is the newly opened SM Mall, another is Robinsons Place and NCCC shopping market. Ask our van driver to take you to these places for all your shopping needs. Also, please be reminded that hired vans do charge extra fees for sight seeing around the city rather than driving straight to our place if you wish to look around and stay for a while before heading out. If you will be coming from other towns in Palawan other than Puerto Princesa, you may ask your driver to stop by at the nearest fresh market for any items you want to take with you to the cove. There are no restaurants, eateries and bars nearby our cove.
  • You mentioned internet service is available, how reliable is it in a place so remote?"
    Internet can be spotty due to being in a remote area. But if you find the right spot in the property, you might get a good signal. We will provide a pocket wifi for our guests, just purchase a globe prepaid cards for you internet access. Prepaid Globe cards can be purchased at the next door village or in Puerto Princesa at globe store outlets inside malls. Follow the instruction at the back of the card to activate wifi connection. We suggest you use "consumable" wifi access for faster connection, instead of using the "UnliSurf" access. Password is located inside the battery compartment of the pocket wifi. Ask one of staffs to help connect to your wifi.
  • How far is your place from any tourism destinations in Palawan?
    Palawan is a long narrow island with one national highway running the length. From Puerto Princesa, many people travel north to El Nido or the subterranean river. We are approximately 6 hours north of the subterranean river, 2.5 hour north of San Vicente town, 3.5 hours from Port Barton, 2.5 hours south of El Nido, and 4.5 hours northwest of Puerto Princesa. During the rainy season all travel time takes longer due to muddy roads.
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